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Salix Homes scoop national award for valuing equality and diversity

Michael Portillo with Sue Charker, Debbie Broadhurst, June McRae, Margaret Connor and Irfan Syed.

Salix Homes has scooped a top national award recognising excellence and outstanding achievements in housing.

The Salford social housing provider has won the valuing equality and diversity category for its groundbreaking ‘making differences count' project at the UK Housing Awards.

The project involved producing a critically acclaimed film made by asylum seekers, refugees and disabled residents from Salford.

And an innovative training program devised and delivered by disabled residents with the aim of challenging views, combating stereotypes and ensuring their needs are met.

The training was initially aimed at Salix Homes local contractors, but it has proved so popular the disability group have now been asked to deliver the training on a national basis and to residents associations across Salford.

Salix Homes Director of Business Services Alison Hamnett said:

"The ‘making differences count' project brings together customers from communities that may not easily be heard in Salford and I am delighted we have been recognised nationally for this work.

"The project has not only helped build the confidence of individual customers, but, it has helped lay the seeds for challenging ill informed views, stereotypes and discrimination.

"The whole experience has been an incredibly powerful driver for positive change within our communities and is helping to make Salford a better and safer place to live."

Chartered Institute of Housing President Helen Collins said:

"Salix Homes 'making differences count' project is a worthy winner and demonstrated that equality and diversity was at the heart of their business.

"The project embedded a culture of positive change throughout the organisation and has shown that it is actually making a difference."

The Celebrating Diversity video can be viewed at:

‘Diversity for me is a blessing, it's a festival, a joy, it's love, it's passion, it's integrity, it's family.'(Extract from a resident in the Celebrating Diversity video).