Salix Homes

Our Business Plan 2011 - 2016

Our Business Plan sets out our priorities and plans for the organisation for a five year period. This Business Plan is for the period 2011 - 2016.

The Business Plan is a key document for us, providing strategic direction and making sure that we are and remain a financially viable, fit for purpose organisation that continues to improve services for our customers. It outlines how we will achieve our goals over the next five years, which have been shaped by what customers have told us they want.

Download a copy of the 2011-2016 Business Plan

The priorities for the Business Plan are detailed below.

  • Improve the customer experience and customer access to services
  • Lead on the implementation of HRA self financing including maximising funding for the long term investment needs of all our housing stock
  • Promote the role of Salix Homes in developing and managing new, affordable homes for rent and sale
  • Maximise the resources we have available to deliver our services and use them efficiently and effectively
  • Exploit new business opportunities and functions leading to increased commerciality of the organisation and working beyond Salford boundaries where appropriate to do so
  • Implement improved and more effective business and information systems
  • Implement improved performance management and customer scrutiny arrangements
  • Continue to receive external recognition and accreditation
  • Improve the popularity of all the neighbourhoods we work in
  • Work with partners and customers to reduce fear of crime and tackle anti social behaviour
  • Help to reduce worklessness and financial exclusion
  • Develop our role in Big Society as a commissioner and enabler
  • Develop better and more effective ways of managing neighbourhoods with our partners
  • Work in partnership with the council to successfully manage the impact of Pendleton PFI
  • Deliver fair and equitable services that are tailored to effectively meet the needs of our customers.
  • Seek to minimise the impact of welfare reform on our customers.
  • Reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions.
  • Achieve 100% decency in the lifetime of the business plan.
  • Implement the most appropriate option for the delivery of maintenance and repairs service
  • Ensure we have a flexible multi skilled workforce.
  • Implement Total Salix to further develop a positive staff culture
  • Continue to be a leader in the field for customer involvement and engagement.
  • Involve customers and staff in exploring alternative ownership models that provide greater operational freedoms and responsibilities

If you would like to get involved in helping shape our business plan in the future, we have a range of customer involvement opportunities. Contact Dora Blake on 0161 779 8865, email or visit our Getting Involved pages