Salix Homes

Alterations to your home

If you feel you would like to make alterations to your home then a written application must be sent to:

Repairs Manager
Salix Homes
Diamond House
2 Peel Cross Rd
M5 4DT

We will respond formally within 28 days detailing how your application will be dealt with i.e. whether Salix Homes need to send out a Property Inspector / Structural Surveyor.

In some cases permission can be granted without the need for an inspection i.e. installing water meters. Again however, written permission is still required and a formal response received from Salix Homes before any works can commence.

With all alterations to your home that Salix have authorised certain conditions must be met:

  • That you bear the entire cost of the work and any consequential re-instatement work.
  • That you accept responsibility for maintenance of the work.
  • That you adhere to all building regulations and that the work is carried out to a professional standard by reputable tradesmen.
  • That on termination of your tenancy, you may be requested to reinstate the property to its previous condition.