Salix Homes

Commitment to diversity

Salix Homes is committed to providing excellent services to all our customers, regardless of age, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other factor which could result in disadvantage. This commitment is evident in our Organisational Objective to ‘Reduce Inequalities'. 

Our Equality and Diversity Strategy for 2011/14 provides information on how we will work to achieve this objective, to help make our vision making Central Salford ‘More than just a place to live'.

How our services affect you

We check whether our policies and the work we do, have a different effect on different people.  In particular, we look at whether they affect people differently because they are older or younger, disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), are from another country, speak a different language and have a certain faith.  This process is called Equality Impact Assessment.  Visit the Equality Impact Assessment section to see what we found out when we checked all our services and policies.

If you would like to get involved with us and help influence the services you receive please visit our getting involved pages. Here you will find information on a range of customer groups including:

Contacting our customers

We have done a lot of work to make sure we contact you, in the ways that are best for you. So we have made sure we know if you need large print documents, British Sign Language interpreters and other language interpreters. We also know what to do when we visit you, such as using a certain door, waiting a bit longer for you to answer or knocking loudly, so you can avoid those irritating missed calls!

The following are some of the ways we communicate with you:       

Telephone Interpretation:  we use Language Line which supports 150 languages so customers who need to talk to us in their own language about the services we provide can do so.  Through a three-way telephone conversation, interpreters accurately and securely pass on information between you and us.        

Face to Face Interpretation:  for longer interviews it is usually best to have an interpreter present.  When it is appropriate we will arrange for a face-to-face interpreter to be present (subject to availability).        

Translations:  we promise to help our customers understand all our leaflets, but we may not translate them. Sometimes for example, it may be easier for you if an interpreter visits you to explain the information. We will translate some information and we will make a decision when we get the request. 

British Sign Language Interpreters:  we will provide British Sign Language interpreters, lip speakers and a range of other help for our deaf customers. We are currently training our staff to become British Sign Language Interpreters to improve this service.       

Braille:  If you have told us you would prefer information in Braille we will make sure that when we send letters and items like our newsletter, Limelight that is is in Braille. Other information you may want in Braille is available on request.       

Audio:  If you have told us you would prefer information in audio we will make sure that when we send letters and items like our newsletter, Limelight that they are as an audio CD. Other information you may want in audio is available on request.      

Browsealoud:  this is to help people with visual impairments access our website.  This software is free and can be installed on your computer. Visit the Browsealoud website  for more information or simply click the  Listen to this site button an the top of this page.   

Other Formats:  we are looking at other ways of providing information in other languages, for example information in English and other languages on tape or CD. This website can be translated in to a number of different languages using the Salix Homes in your language button at the top of every page. If this would help you, please let us know and we will try to help.

We would be very interested to hear about the experiences people with specific and individual needs have had in contacting Salix Homes.

Hate Crime Reporting Centre

We won't tolerate any unfair or unlawful discrimination that provides a lower standard of service to any group or individual. We'll take action against all forms of harassment and discrimination.  Salix Homes is a third party hate crime reporting centre, please follow this link to find out how we can support you if you have experienced hate crime.


If you have any ideas, questions or concerns on any issues related to equality and diversity please contact Sarah Henderson on 0161 779 8883 or email