Salix Homes

Value for money

Let's face it, we all want value for money in every service or item we buy and at Salix Homes we know how important it is. We are committed to ensuring we achieve Value for Money (VfM) in everything we do. We recognise that the principals of VfM must be embraced for the organisation to be successful. Achieving VfM is even part of our organisational objectives.  

What is Value for Money?

Value for Money is using the resources available in the most effective way in order to provide cost effective services that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

How are we achieving Value for Money?

The need to use our resources in the most effective way is critical if we are to deliver high quality services to you. Customers helped formulate the objectives when we developed our VfM Strategy and Action Plan, which helps us achieve our aim of becoming an excellent organisation that provides quality homes and services and helps to make neighbourhoods in Central Salford popular places to live and work.  

What Value for Money gains have been delivered so far?

The STATUS Survey shows that customers believe that Salix Homes provides VfM services, with almost three out of four (74%) of customers believing that their rent presents good value for money (up  from 73% from the 2008 STATUS Survey). View some examples of VfM gains made to date and how we track VfM.

How are customers involved in achieving Value for Money?

Customers get involved to achieve the outcomes they have told us they want, to provide them with an excellent standard of service.

  • Customers helped in the formulation of the Value for Money Strategy objectives.
  • ‘Your Salix Your Say' Participatory Budgeting initiative, providing resident and community groups the chance to bid for funding (£35k in 2009/10) to support community projects and activities across Central Salford.
  • Customer input, through Service Specific Panels, has informed service reviews, generating VfM gains.
  • Customer inspectors check that we meet  service standards and are accountable o        The Customer Senate closely scrutinises for specific service areas each year o        Customers have contributed VfM improvement ideas through a postcard scheme launched in Limelight and through their feedback on our services.
  • Salix Homes is working with customers to develop a customer business plan to reflect customer priorities for 2010/11 and identify key outcomes customers want to see delivered during the year.

How can you help?  

If you have any ideas of how we may be able to achieve better value for money in our services, send them to our dedicated VfM inbox by emailing Or you can look at ways of Getting Involved to help us improve the services you receive and the area you live in.