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Click the banner above to watch our new customer film: Welcome To Your Home. We have also produced some useful leaflets to go with this film which you can download from our Welcome To Your Home leaflets page.


benefit leaflets

Changes to Benefits
The Government is changing the amount of benefits some people can claim. If you claim benefits you could be affected. This leaflet explains some of the key changes.

Changes to Benefits: Jan 2013 (Adobe pdf 207kb)

Our Services

Our Services
This leaflet will get you up to date with the changes we've made to our services and let you know who you need to contact for each of our teams.

Our Services (Adobe pdf 1.76mb)

Decent Homes

Delivering Decent Homes in your Neighbourhood!
Find out more about our 5 year Decent Homes programme, including what to expect when it's your turn and in what year works will be carried out on your home.

Delivering Decent Homes (Adobe pdf 1.8mb)

Improving Homes in Salford

Improving Homes in Salford - For Leaseholders
If you are a leaseholder you can find out more about the improvement scheme and what it means for you, including frequently asked questions, by downloading this leaflet. 

Improving Homes in Salford Brochure (Adobe pdf 1.33mb)

Relocation leaflet for Home owners

Relocation Equity Loan Scheme for Homeowners
Information for homeowners on equity loans assistance that may be available if your home is affected by regeneration activity and you have to purchase a new home. Download the information leaflet to find out more.

Relocation Equity Loan Scheme (Adobe pdf 171KB)

Asbestos Factsheet image

Asbestos: Your guide to staying safe
This is a guide to asbestos. It tells you everything you need to know about asbestos - what it is, where you might find it in your home, how it affects health and what we can do to make it safe.

Asbestos: Your guide to staying safe (Adobe pdf 293KB)

Fire Safety in Communal Areas

Fire Safety in Communal Areas
This information leafelt will help to keep you safe in event of a fire and contains more information about how you can keep communal areas safe.

Fire Safety in Communal Areas (Adobe pdf 191KB)

Fire Safety in High Rise Apartments

Fire Safety in High Rise Flats
Living above the first floor doesn't make you any less at risk from fire. High rise flats are built to be fireproof and most fires don't spread further, within your flat, than one or two rooms. But taking a few extra minutes to think about fire safety is time well spent! Download this information leaflet to find out more.

Fire Safety in High Rise Flats (Adobe pdf 3.67MB)