Salix Homes

Where we have homes

There are around 8,500 properties across Central Salford managed by Salix Homes. These properties consist of family houses, cottage flats, low rise flats, maisonettes, bungalows and multi-storey accommodation.

The Central Salford area is split into smaller 'rehousing areas'. Not all types of properties are in all of these areas and for some types of properties or areas there is a greater demand than others. You can find out about the types of homes we have in each of our neighbourhoods by clicking on the links below. For further details on the rehousing areas the neighbourhoods we operate, visit the Your Neighbourhood page.

central Salford Map

Broughton Kersal/Charlestown and Duchy Pendleton PFI Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Ordsall/Langworthy/Islington Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Kersal/Charlestown and Duchy Broughton Ordsall/Langworthy/Islington Pendleton PFI