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Come to a Board Meeting

Got any burning questions?  Want to know more about Salix Homes?  Then here's your chance to meet the Salix Homes Board and talk directly to the people who make key decisions that affect you

All Board Meetings are open to the public.  In addition we can provide the opportunity for customers to meet The Chair, Deputy Chair and Board Members at a time convenient to themselves.  For further details on venues, times etc please click here.

The public are welcome to attend any meeting, although only Board Members have the right to speak and vote at Board meetings. Any confidential items will be clearly marked on the agenda and members of the public will be requested to leave the meeting when such items are being discussed.

Should a member of the public wish to attend a meeting, raise a point or put a question to the Board relating to the business on the agenda for that meeting, they should submit their comments or questions in writing at least 2 working days prior to the Board meeting to Joanne Spencer, Executive and Governance Manager at or by phone on 0161 779 8857.  

We will then ensure that copies of the papers are available for you at the meeting.

For environmental reasons we try to avoid sending out full packs of Board papers to members of the public however if there is a certain paper you would like a copy of, please do not hesitate to contact us.