Salix Homes. Releasing the potential

Current membership is made up from…

Salix Homes became members of the CIRCLE group in March 2008.


The purpose of CIRCLE is to be able to network with each other and share good practice.  Customers are used from each others organisations to carry out mystery shopping exercises, usually twice a year.  Each housing provider's service areas are checked on a specific theme and reports are shared with each other to see where improvements need to be made and how we can learn from each other. The Officers meet once a month to have regular updates with each other and to arrange the mystery shopping training and exercises for the year. At the end of the year a meeting is held, inviting senior managers from each of the organisations as well as the mystery shoppers, so that the results can be shared and discussions had as to how the results are going to be used and the changes organisations will make as a result of the findings.

Would you like to be involved?

If this is the type of involvement that appeals to you, you will need to become a Customer Inspector with Salix Homes. We will provide you with the training and overview of the services that we provide. Salix Homes already use customers to carry out monthly checks on our services. These include…

  • Empty properties
  • Repairs
  • Customer Service
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Lettings
  • Block Inspections

For more information on the CIRCLE group or customer inspecors contact Dora Blake on 0161 779 8865 or email