Salix Homes

The Management Team

Governance of Salix Homes

Salix Homes, like all other ALMO's, is governed by a Board of non - Executive Directors. The Board has 12 members comprising of 4 tenants, 4 independents and 4 council nominees. The Board is our main decision making body with responsibility for the strategic direction of the company. It is accountable for performance across our full range of responsibilities and activities and will ensure consultation with all our customers and partners on key issues. Click here for more details about the Salix Homes board.

Meet the Executive Management Team

The day to day management of Salix Homes is undertaken by our Executive Management Team. This team is made up of the following:

Lee Sugden
Chief Executive
Sue Sutton

Sue Sutton
Director of Customer & Neighbourhood Services

Simon Morris 
Executive Director of Resources 


Margaret Goddard
Project Director