Salix Homes

Working in partnership with Salford City Council

Salix Homes is committed to working in partnership with Salford City CounciI to deliver real improvements to its customers in Central Salford.

Salix Homes is a 'limited company' which means it has independence from the council to make its own decisions.

Salix Homes manages your home and neighbourhood - collecting rent, ordering repairs and so on - and makes improvements to all housing. However it is Salford City Council who still own all of Salix Homes properties. Our customers are still a council tenants. This means that there is no change to your rights and responsibilities.

Management agreement

Salford City Council pays Salix Homes a fee to manage the council homes in Central Salford. The 'management agreement' is a legal document that sets out in detail the 'who-does-what' relationship between the two organisations. It includes arrangements for checking how Salix Homes performs to make sure we keep to high standards.

Here's how the major areas of housing responsibility are divided. . .

Salix Homes responsibilities

  • Deciding how to spend improvement money.
  • Employing contractors to make the improvements
  • Ordering repairs employing contractors.
  • Collecting rent, dealing with rent arrears and giving debt advice.
  • Dealing with empty homes.
  • Finding new tenants using the rehousing and home-exchange systems.
  • Consulting, informing and involving tenants in the housing service and improvements plans.
  • Making sure people keep to tenancy agreements, and taking action if they don't.
  • Managing local estates and neighbourhoods, providing caretaking and cleaning services and managing sheltered housing.
  • Looking after the environment - dealing with untidy gardens, garages, maintaining land around homes and monitoring street cleaning.
  • Delivering a range of regeneration services including relocation and neighbourhood planning services.

 Salford City Council responsibilities

  • Overall housing strategy - wider policy issues like promoting sustainable communities.
  • Setting the level of rent.
  • Dealing with claims for housing benefit and council tax benefit. Setting the overall rehousing policy in consultation with Salix Homes.
  • Setting Salix Homes minimum service standards and monitoring its performance.
  • Providing a service for homeless people.
  • Providing the Supporting People service and housing support for vulnerable people.
  • Overall housing strategy - wider policy issues like promoting sustainable communities.

And of course the City Council still delivers all its other traditional (non-housing) services - education, leisure facilities, social services, libraries, street cleaning, bins, benefits and so on. For more information on the services that Salford City Council provide please visit