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Information and Resources

Here you can find lots of useful information and resources about how to set up a residents group, keeping residents up to date with a regular newsletter, code of conduct to be followed at all meetings, how to complete a business plan and links to other useful organisations.


  • Newsletter  'You can use this template to help you design newsletters to keep your residents group up to date with local events, local news or other information relevant to your members' 
  • Model Constitution'This is an example of a Constitution. This document is an agreement between your group and Salix Homes that sets out the rules and regulations that govern the behaviour and the way your group is run. It also allows your group to access funding and is recognised by other agencies'
  • Model Business Plan 'If a group needs accommodation or other vacant property a business plan needs to be completed. It must outline how the property is to be used, how it will be financed and what activities will take place that will benefit the community'
  • Code of Conduct 'The Code of Conduct outlines appropriate behaviour expected by customers that attend group meetings, events or other activities'
  • Setting up a Residents Group 'Please follow this link if you feel your area would benefit from a residents group being formed'


 Tenant Participation Advisory Service

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service was Establised in 1988 and acts as a vital hub between government, social housing landlords and tenants helping create successful relationships and forging strong partnerships essential to the creation of better communities.

Tenant Services Authority

The Tenant Services Authority is the independent regulator for affordable housing in England. Access to good-quality housing improves lives and is a foundation of strong communities. They work with landlords and tenants to improve the standard of service for tenants and residents.

Tenants and Residents Organisations of England

TAROE, the Tenants' and Residents' Organisations of England, is a democratically run, accountable, national organisation which unites tenants' and residents' groups from the regulated housing sector across England.
TAROE aims to secure equal rights for all tenants. They aim to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of housing in the regulated housing sector, and to improve and protect the quality of life, social and environmental conditions for everyone in our local communities.

Salford Community Voluntary Sector

Salford Community and Voluntary Services (Salford CVS) is the voluntary and community sector's local infrastructure organisation providing specialist information, advice, guidance and development support for voluntary and community groups across Salford.