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Man evicted from Salford tower block

Michael Denny evicted from salford tower block

A Salford man has been evicted from his council flat after persistently causing anti-social behaviour.

Salford County Court heard that 30-year-old Michael Denny of 61 Thorn Court, was causing nuisance to his neighbours by being rowdy, shouting, swearing and playing loud music at all times of the day and night.

In just one six month period, landlord Salix Homes received more than 30 complaints from residents.

Residents at the Pendleton tower block also complained that Denny repeatedly threw objects out of his sixth floor window.

Denny's unacceptable behaviour also breached an earlier injunction order after he and his friends were abusive and threatening towards officers from Salix Homes who feared they would be attacked.

Despite a number of warnings and explaining the consequences of his actions, Denny continued to ignore to any attempts to curb his behaviour.

Salix Homes took the case to Salford County Court and a possession order to move Denny out was granted.

Sue Sutton, director of neighbourhood services at Salix Homes said: "We won't tolerate bad behaviour like this in our communities. We'd like to thank local residents for coming forward with evidence and for being patient while we followed the necessary legal procedure to evict Mr Denny. If other residents ever experience this kind of behaviour I'd encourage them to come to us so we can take action."

Councillor Peter Connor, lead member for housing said: "Eviction is always a last resort but as Mr Denny refused to improve his behaviour, we had to act to stop the distruption he was causing to his neighbours."

To report anti-social behaviour call 0161 909 6544.


Notes for editors
Denny was evicted on 19 August. The judge granted the eviction at Salford County Court on 10 June.