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Salix Homes works in partnership with Salford City Council and other key partners to deliver housing led regeneration and renewal services in Central Salford. Relevant teams within Salix Homes are responsible for a wide range of renewal activities including the delivery of key elements of the Housing Market Renewal programme.

Housing Market Renewal Programme

The Manchester Salford Pathfinder (MSP) was a partnership established between Manchester and Salford City Councils in 2003 to develop and coordinate a long term strategic programme to restructure the housing market in the parts of both Cities that have suffered from severe population loss and a declining housing market. The partnership was established as part of the government's Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder programme.

The challenge for MSP, the City Council, Salix Homes and its partners is to create new neighbourhoods of choice across Central Salford - thrivig, attractive areas where people choose to live, work and invest.  To date the government has approved £123 million for the first seven years of the long term programme to deliver this renewal in Central Salford.

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The Work of Salix Homes

Creating Better Neighbourhoods
Download our Better Places,Better Life Chances strategy to read more about how we are helping improve neighbourhoods in Central Salford.  

Some of the key activities and services that Salix Homes delivers include:

Rehousing and Relocation Assistance: Advice and support to those residents, tenants and owners affected by demolition to help them move home, and the delivery of Relocation Equity Loans to help owner-occupiers purchase a replacement property.

Managing demolition areas: managing areas that are awaiting demolition by securing empty properties, disconnecting gas, electric and water services, managing the environment and keeping the area free from fly-tipping and arranging the demolition of properties.

Improvements to Homes: external refurbishment of existing homes to complement new housing development, encourage investment and increase the attractiveness of areas to existing and potential new residents.

Environmental and Security Improvements: Encourage and support effective neighbourhood management through environmental improvements, alley gating and streetscaping.

Neighbourhood Planning: Involving residents and partners to make sure our work has the maximum impact for the whole community.

For further information about regeneration in your neighbourhood then visit the Your Neighbourhood pages . Alternatively please telephone us on 0800 218 2000 or