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Salix Stars Awards 2012

Salix Stars Awards 2012

This July will be the fifth anniversary of Salix Homes, since we launched in 2007. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by holding our annual Salix Stars Awards event to coincide with our anniversary celebrations!

This will be the fourth annual event which raises a glass to the real heroes of our neighbourhoods and communities, people who have volunteered their time to make a positive difference to other people's lives and the environment that they live in.

Nominate your shining star for 2012 now!

Good Neighbour Star

Awarded to a neighbour or someone within the community who:

  • Is always there when you need them and looks out for their neighbours.
  • Goes over and above what a neighbour would normally do and goes the extra mile for others.

Young Rising Star

Awarded to a young person aged 24 or under who has:

  • Made a positive impact in their neighbourhood.
  • Shown initiative and cared for others.
  • Come up with an idea and been involved in a community project.

Best Green Initiative Star

Awarded to an individual or group who has:

  • Cleaned up a green or open space.
  • Transformed an area of their neighbourhood and made a difference to their local environment.
  • Been involved in a project that makes better use of recycled materials.
  • Been involved in energy saving projects.

Best Community Project Star

Awarded to an individual or group who has:

  • Developed a community project that has made a positive difference to people's lives or neighbourhood.
  • Raised the community spirit by holding regular community events.

Creativity Star

Awarded to an individual or group who has:

  • Delivered a creative activity, such as arts project, film, media, or a unique event in the community for the benefit of others.

Outstanding Achievement Star

Awarded to an individual or group who has:

  • Made a sustained and committed contribution to
    their community or housing service.
  • Has been determined to see a project through from
    start to finish for the good of the community.
  • Has provided a voice for local people who may be
    vulnerable or afraid to do it for themselves Stood up for other residents in their community.

How do I nominate my star?

It's never been easier to nominate and you can do it in a number of ways:

  • Fill in our Online Nomination Form
  • Fill in the nomination form included with the latest edition of Limelight and send it back to us freepost.
  • Call us on freephone 0800 218 2000 (Local rate for mobile phones 0161 909 6559) or call Adrian Palmer on 0161 779 8849 and we'll be happy to take the details over the phone.

The closing date for all entries is Friday 25 May. Unfortunately entries received after this date cannot be considered.

Rules and Regulations

  • Any Salix Homes customer can nominate or be nominated for their achievements in their communities.
  • You can nominate someone in more than 1 category but are restricted to 1 nomination per category!
  • All nominations must be for volunteers and not paid employees and be within the Central Salford area.
  • Subject to the number of entries, the top 5 nominations in each category will be invited to the awards evening.


  • The awards will be judged by Independent Board members.
  • Winners will be selected based upon the number of nominations received and the reason for nomination.
  • The winner will be the person/group with the majority vote.