Salix Homes. Releasing the potential

About Salix Homes

Who we are

We are a multi-award winning social housing company, which manages around 8,500 council-owned properties across Central Salford and the Beechfarm and Rainsough Brow estates.  We're determined to provide you with a fresh and energetic approach to the management of your home - one that is all about results.

As well as housing management, our role covers housing renewal services. We play a key role in working with the council on housing regeneration and renewal services for residents and local businesses across Central Salford. We also support wider regeneration projects carried out by the council and other agencies. This makes sure all our projects bring real benefits to the whole community and help create better neighbourhoods.

We focus on you, our customer, to improve the quality of your home and neighbourhood and provide a housing service that really responds to your needs.

Our Vision

'More than just a place to live'

Our Aims

We aim to achieve this vision by SPIRIT:

S  Services that continuously improve - and that are customer driven and cost effective

P  Promoting respect - and making neighbourhoods safe

I   Improving Neighbourhoods - by working in partnership to improve the choice of homes and the environment around our customers' homes

R  Raising the quality of life - and reducing inequalities in Central Salford

I   Improving homes - by making them decent

T  Total Salix - together with customers, staff and communities

Our Values


Partnership - Work in partnership with customers, communities and organisations

 Real Difference
- Embrace new technologies to achieve effective ways of working

 Integrity - Be well managed and financially sound

- Be inclusive - recognise Equality and Diversity

- Well trained, empowered and valued staff encouraged to make a difference to customers lives

The Salix Way

The Salix Way is how we will go about our business in Central Salford. We pride ourselves on our positive attitudes and behaviours which define our culture.

It is our culture as an organisation to:

  • Listen to our customers and respect what they are saying
  • Take ownership of the individual needs and requests of our customers with actions that seek to get it right first time
  • Deal with our customers quickly and keep them informed at all times
  • Negotiate and communicate with others on behalf of our customers
  • Support each other and be willing to try new things
  • Learn from each other, our customers and from other organisations
  • Become a champion for our neighbourhoods, customers and their communities