Salix Homes. Releasing the potential

Your Home, Your Say

Ballot papers have arrived at 8,500 homes across Salford asking tenants to use their vote on Salford City Council proposals to transfer their homes to Salix Homes. It is really important that tenants take this opportunity and use their vote. Tenants can cast their vote by post, phone, internet and by text.

You can vote in the following ways:

  • By post - return your ballot paper in the pre-paid envelope provided
  • Online - use your two-part security code printed on your ballot paper
  • By Phone - call 0800 197 4614 and follow the telephone instructions
  • Text - Text your vote (starting with the election code, please include a space between each code and your answer) to 80212. You will be sent a text message to confirm the receipt of your vote.

The ballot is being run by independent experts, Electoral Reform Services. The ballot will close at noon on Monday 3 November 2014.

To view the Offer Document
on the council's website click here.

Want to find out more about the transfer?

Get the facts about the council's transfer proposal before you vote by looking at your offer document, like above, or contact your Independent Tenants Advisor, appointed by tenants, on 0800 7311619 for independent advice.