Salix Homes. Releasing the potential

Building firm foundations for a bright future

Young apprentices,Marlis and Rachel, being interviewed

Salix Homes is helping to build solid foundations and a bright future for young people in Salford thanks to its ground breaking apprenticeship scheme.

The scheme means that Salix Homes, and its construction partners, have been able to employ 12 new apprentices this year alone as well as retaining another 16 in training.

All the apprentices will be trained to NVQ level three, a much higher standard than usual schemes, which means they will be highly skilled and highly employable.

And every apprentice will be given a new toolkit packed with everything they will need to forge ahead with their chosen career.

Many of the young people had faced huge barriers to employment, having grown up in some of the more deprived areas of the city with few prospects.

But as Salix Homes is investing over £50m pounds of government money to improve council homes in central Salford, they were able to work with their contractors to develop the apprenticeship scheme and offer them a place.

Salix Homes Chief Executive Kevin Scarlett said:

"The scheme means that we are able to recruit young people who are among the hardest to reach in Salford and offer them real on the job training.

"The apprentices will be highly motivated, highly skilled and highly experienced, who will be an asset to any employer.

"They will set a positive example for their peers and communities.

"The scheme demonstrates Salix Homes commitment to improving and transforming Salford residents' lives and homes."

Carpentry apprentice Marlis Hamnett (19) from Pendelton said:

"Life was horrible before, it was really frustrating applying for jobs and not getting them because I didn't have the experience.

"But now I feel I am really moving forward, the apprenticeship is a stepping stone to my new life."

Plastering apprentice Rachel Howarth from Lower Broughton said:

"It was strange at first being the only woman on the construction site, but now everyone just treats me like one of the lads.

"I've got loads more confidence since starting the apprenticeship and I'm learning new skills which means I have a great career ahead."



Through all Salix Homes construction and maintenance contracts we currently have 28 apprentices working on our homes, working with Forrest, Emanuel Whittaker, Seddon, B4BoxMorrison and Sure Group.

Five of these apprentices have got their places through joint work between Salix Homes, Procure Plus and The Broughton Trust.

In 2011 Salix Homes was allocated £51.8 million to deliver Decent Homes improvement works in Central Salford.

As a result a 5 year investment programme has been developed, with the first 2 years funding guaranteed and confirmation of the rest expected by April 2012.

This will be a massive project and will see all homes that Salix Homes manage brought up to the Government's ‘Decent Homes Standard'.The work will include improvements to homes including new kitchens, bathrooms, external insulation and new heating systems.