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Welcome to the Your Neighbourhoods page where you can find out information about your neighbourhood as well as how we are helping create better neighbourhoods across Central Salford. You can read more about this by downloading the summary of our Better Places, Better Life Chances Strategy or watching our Transforming Neighbourhoods film.

Using the interactive map of Central Salford below you can find out information on your neighbourhood and who you can contact for more help and information. Using the buttons below, you can also find out forthcoming events and activities using the What's On calendar, report any environmental issues, anti-social behaviour, hate crime or domestic abuse.

If you are not sure what neighbourhood you live in, you can search by your postcode at the bottom of this page.

Safer Neighbourhoods

Regeneration in Salford

Central Salford Map

Claremont, Weaste, Seedley and Beechfarm (including Rainsough Brow)
Kersal, Charlestown and Duchy
Ordsall, Langworthy, Islington 
Pendleton PFI

Broughton Kersal/Charlestown and Duchy Pendleton PFI Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Ordsall/Langworthy/Islington Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Claremont/Weaste/Seedley and Beechfarm (Swinton) Kersal/Charlestown and Duchy Broughton Ordsall/Langworthy/Islington Pendleton PFI

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If you don't know the specific neighbourhood that you live in, please enter your postcode here and click 'Search'.

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Lower Broughton / Greengate / Trinity Ordsall / Islington Kersal / Charlestown Higher Broughton / Broughton Park Weaste / Seedley Claremont / Duchy / Beechfarm, Swinton Pendleton Beechfarm