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Boost4Youth fund

About the Boost4Youth Community Fund

As part of our Love Your Neighbourhood initiative, the Boost 4 Youth Fund is our community funding programme that offers grants of up to £500 to support opportunities for young people in our neighbourhoods.

Maybe you’re an apprentice who’s after some new tools for the trade, or a youth club in desperate need of some new equipment. Whatever the cause, if it’s helping young people, then apply.

What kind of opportunities receive funding?

We are looking for initiatives that support young people in our communities that:

  • improve the environment
  • help people get access to training and employment
  • encourage community integration

Who approves my application?

The Salix Homes Boost4Youth Panel review applications. The Boost4Youth Panel is made up of local young people. You can submit your interest in joining our panel here.

If I am successful who will manage the fund?

Salix Homes and the Boost4Youth Panel will manage the fund.

Fill out the form below on this page to submit your application, or download a paper application form below.

FAQ list: 

Criteria and award process

Which type of projects can receive funding?

Individual young people who are aged between 11 and 17 years are invited to submit a funding application if their project addresses one or more of the following themes:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Community issues

Applications will be considered by the panel and will be scored according to the aims and objectives of the project.  Applicants should note that funding is limited and therefore not all applications will be successful.

What other critieria must my application meet?

In addition to addressing the above themes applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals should be aged between 11 and 17 years and live in a Salix Homes neighbourhood.
  • The maximum grant available is £500.
  • Individuals can apply for funding once a year. Further applications in subsequent years will be considered but not guaranteed.
  • Monitoring information must be submitted to Salix Homes and the panel, which should include copies of receipts and expenditure relating to the project where applicable.
  • Salix Homes also require successful applicants complete and return an evaluation form / complete feedback within an agreed timescale and to provide a report on progress of the project which may include interviews with panel members.
  • Members of the panel are allowed to submit applications to apply for funding for their own right.
  • If a member of the panel has submitted an application or knows an applicant he or she must declare an interest in this application and not participate in the decision process.
  • All funding will be made direct to college, employer, supplier, organisation etc. no funds will be made direct to the applicant.
  • Salix Homes /Salford Foundation must be recognised as a funder in all literature relating to the project.

Please note core-running costs or personal items will not be funded.

Decision Process

The forum, which is made up of local young people, will meet quarterly to consider applications (June , September, December and March).

Individuals will be notified by post of the forum's decision, which is final.  There is no appeals process.

Salix Homes will not be responsible for any adverse effects the funded initiative has.

Application form


  • Download

    Paper application form

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Application form

Organisation and group information

Project details

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